Black bean spaghetti and other tasty gluten-free options
You can still enjoy a wide variety of pasta dishes while following a special diet with these suggestions.

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In Facebook’s Courtroom



Joshua Rothman on “Kafkaesque” elements of the the online world:

“Facebook has become a dream space of judgment—a place where people you may know only in the most casual way suddenly reveal themselves to be players in a pervasive system of discipline. The site is an accusation…

"If your gut tells you something is wrong, then it probably is wrong. Trust your gut and go with your first instinct. That’s why on test that measures recognition such as multiple choice test, going with your gut instinct is often the better choice than thinking rationally about an answer you don’t consciously recall."

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"Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie."

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Saudi Arabia beheading nearly two people per week this year

Most legal proceedings in Saudi Arabia take place behind close doors. Defendants are rarely allowed formal representation by a lawyer, and may be convicted solely on the basis of confessions obtained under torture or other ill-treatment, duress or deception. In many cases they are not informed of the progress of legal proceedings against them.

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Imagine, if something like gun control was applied to computers because a politician decided you don’t need to own a computer more powerful than what they defined as good enough for you, and the media was spreading fear about criminals having easy and unrestricted access to machines they could use to ruin peoples lives with over the internet. Now if you add angry mothers who fear that their children might get hacked or scammed online and thus computers should be restricted for everyone, you get something very similar to gun control.

Because only hackers and criminals need something more powerful than this, right?

dang. i need more than 4 gigs of ram and 1 tb of hard drive space because i record my own music and that stuff takes a lot of memory to run

Well, with gun grabber logic, you could keep your machine if you’re a certified professional with a proven “need” for it, but it’d be too dangerous for the common man.

jesus fuck i was scared out of my mind when I read that. Then I looked at the fine print.

It’s a warning, not a real thing(yet)

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I didn’t know that we used the term “rubbish” in America. We didn’t have a revolution for this shit 😂😂😂 Code enforcement is lame.


Jon Stewart Tells Fox News: ‘Fuck You And All Your False Patriotism’

Jon Stewart has a message for Fox News on #LatteSalute: ”SHUT UP.”

Watch the full clip where he finds a photo of George W. Bush saluting with a dog in his hand here.